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    Thumbs up CHCH. National Convention success... next meeting 22nd November

    IMO the chch national convention was a complete success...

    firstly I'd like to thank footsie for coming out with the whole idea, and starting the "sharetrader meeting to talk shares thread"...
    id also like to thank serpie for helping to organise the even last night...and everyone that turned up which put the event in a league of its own, and by doing that claiming the rights to the first national convention if there is ever one...

    the Stock Xchange was good to us in giving us free food and also by giving us 15 free complimentry drink vouchers which I distributed amongst the thirsty pack....

    I have a couple of things we could put in the pipeline, including going to the NZO annual general meeting this year as a crew, and going to upstream energy conference next year is Auzzie... but I willnot be calling the shots and it is up to the group to add other ideas because it is a two way street...
    someone mentioned we could meet auckland STraders before or after the AGM...

    others mentioned a meet in August, and one poster suggested a lunch in after Tuis producing... it is up to CHCH representals to follow up on your suggestions...
    have a think about my input, and I will get back to yous lata...
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