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    Quote Originally Posted by couta1 View Post
    Unfortunately I am unable to comment further on the SUM thread due to being privy to inside information of an ongoing nature, so I think it's best to abstain.
    Does that also mean you can't trade SUM with insider info? Will miss your insights.

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    From SUMones recently invoked (thanks to roger?) Securities Trading Policy and Guidelines

    2.2 Insider Trading Laws
    2.2.2 If you have any material information, it is illegal for you to:
    • trade Summerset’s Listed Securities;
    • advise or encourage another person to trade or hold Summerset’s Listed Securities;
    • advise or encourage a person to advise or encourage another person to trade or hold Summerset’s Listed Securities; or
    • pass on the material information to anyone else – including colleagues, family
    or friends – knowing (or where you ought to have known) that the other person will use that information to trade or advise or encourage someone else to trade, or hold, Summerset’s Listed Securities.
    This message is not intended to digitally harm anyone's feelings

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    Can't take credit for that but I did quite a bit of work and so did the New Zealand Shareholders association around the black out restricted trading period for insiders prior to the release of quarterly sales information which absolutely is price sensitive information. Fait to say the NZSA probably did their work slightly more diplomatically rather than dogmatically lol...sometimes the hound is prone to taking a dogmatic approach

    P.S. I hounded up a few more this morning at $5.00, couldn't resist. Bargain buying with National set to be winning the election tomorrow. All good, no tax worries, in fact no worries at all. SUM management will have to come clean on how excessively conservative their official guidance is for FY17 Sumtime soon
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