...at this point in time it's prudent to be out of the market unless you feel the need for some cardiac work-out; in that case a bit of day-trading will do...the easier way of course is to be invested precious...

...in case the Fedheads will come up with more fairy tale stuff about their ability to control/solve the crisis, look for a spike down in US markets on fairy tale announcements -the down spike in the US markets commonly in tune with the VIX spiking up to 40+- before going into the market intermediate

...medium to long, it's a complete "on the brink" situation with huge up-or down side...and before the direction becomes clear (no hurry in the meantime), it's just plain suicidal to think one way or the other as a given; however,

!!!!BE WARNED!!!! THE ODDS (GENERAL EXPECTATIONS) ARE CRASH and a fairly good indication of it happening for sure, is the NASDAQ100 falling through 1724 confirmed (oil, oil, oil)

Kind Regards