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    That is why IR will not go up JB or go up very slowly

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    Default I don't think the banks or pour Govt will be ale to stop core rates heading higher

    Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman. Alan Greenspan: Interest rates on government bonds have never been lower
    8:04 AM ET Fri, 4 Aug 2017 | 01:44
    Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan issued a bold warning Friday that the bond market is on the cusp of a collapse that also will threaten stock prices.

    In a CNBC interview, the longtime central bank chief said the prolonged period of low interest rates is about to end and, with it, a bull market in fixed income that has lasted more than three decades.

    "The current level of interest rates is abnormally low and there's only one direction in which they can go, and when they start they will be rather rapid," Greenspan said on "Squawk Box."

    That low interest rate environment has been the product of current monetary policy at the institution he helmed from 1987-2006. The Fed took its benchmark rate to near zero during the financial crisis and kept it there for seven years after.

    Since December 2015, the Fed has approved four rate hikes, but government bond yields remained mired near record lows.

    Greenspan did not criticize the policies of the current Fed. But he warned that the low rate environment can't last forever and will have severe consequences once it ends.
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    Latest issue out, a good read for any one a little nervous about the current correction. One recco is a house builder in USA,they are short houses there too


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