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I have just been reviewing an article by Colin Twiggs - he suggests that the "Australian Dollar will fall if China executes on its trade threats. And if the Aussie Dollar falls, the POG in AUD will therfore rise. If the AUD POG rises, Aussie gold miners would benefit as their revenues rise relative to their costs. He says "Gold (in AUD) is already in a strong up-trend, with narrow consolidation above $2600/ounce suggesting continuation." "The All Ordinaries Gold Index is headed for a test of resistance at 8650. Breakout above 8650 would offer a short-term target of 9500 but the long-term target is 11500."
Yes I could see that happening .. IMHO AUD Gold will break $3,000oz

Gold Shares are the place to be currently and for the rest of the year IMHO .... my biggest Holding OBM which I paid 10.2c average during March20 touched 24.5c yesterday .. has a BIG next 6months coming up before heading into Gold Production 1Q21 .... going off peers and AUD Gold outlook one would think a conservative SP would see 40-50c