Hi All
We've got a couple of things going on at the moment and I wanted to sound users out on a few ideas.
We review our business units regularly to map out our future strategies. Currently we are going through that process and thinking about 2011.
Secondly, we do get enquiries about the ownership of Sharetrader and ShareChat from time to time and we have had some of these recently.
We see a good future with the sites and were looking at two options. One was to engage someone to help run ShareChat and Sharetrader. The person we are looking for is someone who has a passion for the sharemarket and would like to help us grow these sites.
Alternatively we know some of the members of Sharetrader were interested in the site a while back, and wondered if that was still the case.
If you are interested in any of these ideas please contact me directly on the details below.

Philip Macalister
Managing Director, Tarawera Publishing Ltd
Phone 0274-377527
Email philip@goodreturns.co.nz