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    Lizzie Marvelly: Forget capital gains tax, we need a new plan

    Is a capital gains tax right for New Zealand?
    Capital gains tax: What's fair for one person may hurt another
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    Wealth taxes wouldn’t destroy the economy — they’d make it better.
    The economy would benefit directly from a more equal distribution of income because middle- and low-income families spend a greater portion of their incomes than the very rich do, so more money would recycle through the economy.
    Inequality of wealth creates other problems. The top 1% are socking away a greater share of the nation’s wealth; so much so that regular Americans are starved for the capital they need to buy homes, invest in schooling and start new businesses.

    Are taxes on the rich unfair?
    The poor are constantly being reminded that life isn’t supposed to be fair. Get over it.


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