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    Default Rogue file pop-up

    Does anyone get the below or similar, this one is from pricespy and now I get a similar "request" from the new yahoo site (nz) in IE9
    Can't seem to open save or cancel or "x" all do not work
    can carry on and everthing works just annoying this "popup" at the bottom of the screen.
    I get a pop up along the bottom of the screen saying -

    Do you want to open or save afr_php?zoneid=Blank%cb=68390382177 (1 bytes) from "Open" "Save" " Cancel" "x"

    From yahoo I get:
    Do you want to open or save &tgt_blank& (1 bytes) from "Open" "Save" " Cancel" "x"

    The bold bits are in bold on the popup
    Have tried CCleaner and Malwarebytes all clean

    Though not appearing on the laptop in ie9 (though get the pricespy one at work as well on IE8 - don't know about the yahoo one as not tried as yet) or chrome only the desktop and have only tried Opera (ok) apart from IE9 on the desktop

    I know , I know ditch IE9 :-)
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