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    Default A little surprising they didn't take $25m in oversubscriptions too.
    2.2% a very low rate though so maybe the demand was for $125m at that rate and if they'd taken oversubs the overall rate in the bookbuild would have been higher.

    At their last annual meeting I suggested another bond issue because their weighted average cost of borrowing was just on 4%.
    So on the $125m issue at 2.2% there's good cost savings of about $125m x 1.8% per annum = $2,250,000. Not to shabby at all in terms of a cost savings exercise and definitely earnings accretive. Nice to lock that in for 7 years too.
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    With talk of MMT coming around the world and NZ still back in the old inflation model low interest rates look here to stay as MR B has indicated. NZ government Bonds sold into markets at low rates also indicating low rates are here for an extended period of time.

    Property has exploded beyond political control.


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