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    Looks like Milford have added bit more in the last few months.

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    "Tyro, probably SMPs major competitor outside the banks, has significant outage issues with its system. The AFR has an article titled "SMEs fume: Tyro outages stretch into second week" and it states it may not be fixed until end of this week."

    This may lead to more choosing SMP machines over time.

    " the AFR articles state that Tyro has to replace 10,000 machines out of 60,000 they have in operation for 32,000 clients. I would be very surprised that they have that many machines just sitting around but who knows. That is a huge exercise and to replace that many in such a short time is difficult.
    - I am not aware of any Tyro competitors other than the banks and SMP but someone else may. If the only competitor is SMP then given what has happen my view is SMP will pick up a lot of additional clients from the affected businesses - how many is unknown but I assume some will go back to the banks.
    - even if Tyro has 10,000 machines sitting around it will impact their new business until they obtain new machines; not sure how long it will take for them to order and receive new machines (I assume they will come from overseas). This will mean more new business for SMP for a period .
    - impact on brand - banks have outages at times but it is usually for a few hours or at most a day - up to two weeks to significantly impact a business is in a different league and I do expect the impact will be beneficial to SMP for some time (will SMP use it as a marketing ploy and give evidence from their operations in NZ of how good their machines are? who knows)
    - I can see a class action against Tyro coming unless Tyro compensates the businesses impacted - either way it will cost Tyro a lot of money. If there is a class action there will likely be adverse brand impact on Tyro
    - I doubt this will be the last we see about Tyro's problem in the media
    - Tyro shares are down over 4% yesterday and over 8% today
    - SMP shares have hardly moved - they are a thinly traded company. I do not expect much movement in SP until SMP comes out with an announcement of financial or other results unless they make a separate announcement on machine/client take up."

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    Interesting article - Joshuatree

    I detected a bit of movement in SPY SP yesterday & couldn't see what was responsible for this until your post

    Later today could be interesting on whether interest continues on NZX
    ... the fine art of sniffing out debits & credits hidden under the carpet can pay dividends ...


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