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    Oh my gosh. The Warriors lose last night to the Raiders 20-18. That’s their 10th loss for the season and chances of ‘this being our year’ diminishing. However chief fan Jason still has hopes “ It’s been one of those seasons for the @NZWarriors so far. We have the team, coaches and management to go all of the way - but just can’t put it together for 80 minutes. Now is the time for us fans to really show our support and lift the team. .Massive effort from Mitch and Kurt. Great game from RTS. Fantastic to see the next generation coming through who would have learned a lot from tonight. #KeepTheFaith #UpTheWahs” UP THE WAHS

    Oceania on other hand had a great week. Share price was up a whooping 6 cents to 61 cents. Fans getting pumped now and saying the 80 cents where it was at the eginning of the year not that far off. Fan Baa_Baa noted ..’probably bottomed, inflation is falling, property market is bottoming - some rising, and the gap to NTA is closing. Buying cheap OCA might soon be a thing of the past’. Others say we have the goods etc their are reports of many fans buying more of this treasure. This is our year …OCEANIA, GO YOU BEAUTIFUL THING.

    The casual observer would say it’s looking grim for the Warriors but there is a glimmer of hope. For Oceania. But both must try harder .
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